Forage & Feast Walks

Forage & Feast Walks

from 15.00

My Wild Food Courses are a fully immersive foraging experience: Part Wild Food Walk and part Wild Food Banquet.

In the 5 or so hours we’re out (10:30am – 3/3:30pm), you will learn about a whole new world of food, then get to eat it! I teach you how to identify a huge variety of wild fungi and edible greens in a systematic manner to make it as safe as possible. I also tell you a bit about the herbal uses of the foods we find, although the focus on these walks is the culinary uses of plants and fungi.

To book a place on one of the Wild Food Days, just pay for your booking through the form below. If it says that there are no more spaces available on any given walk, just email me in case there have been any cancellations and I haven’t got round to updating the website before giving up.

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What to expect on the Wild Food Days:

During the wild food days, we spend approximately 3.5 hours walking around, with me teaching you about all the weird and wonderful things you can eat. This is normally a minimum of 30 species of edible or medicinal plants and fungi and at some walks, this figure is closer to 60!

The wild food walk is followed by an all-you-can-eat Al Fresco Wild Food Banquet of foraged wild goodies. At one of my spring Wild Food Days this year, the menu consisted of Garlic Mustard Dolmeh, a Wild Mushroom & Greens frittata with wild garlic & slow roasted cherry tomato ketchup, Wild Marjoram Bread, Dandelion blossom glazed cashews and a cherry blossom syrup cake and we had picked lots of wild mushrooms and greens so we made a stir fry as well as some cheesy wild food scrambled eggs using eggs from my hens. There is also always enough food for second (or even third!) helpings. This is all accompanied by all you can drink foraged cordial, tea, coffee & hot chocolate. All the food (apart from the bread) is Gluten Free & Vegetarian friendly, and I can cater for any and all dietary requirements. At one walk I had a lovely lady who couldn’t eat mushrooms, wheat, vinegar, yeast or any sweetener other than xylitol, and she still had a smashing meal and was able to join in with the rest of the group. So do ask!

The regular Forage & Feasts cost £45 per adult and £15 per child. The walk on the 22nd of October is a full day Autumnal Forage that will start at 10am and end at 4:30pm and will cost £75. No child tickets are available for this event due to its length. However, if you have a child who would like to come, please get in touch!

In the words of one of my young foragers, “This is a REAL picnic!!”

And what if the weather isn’t great? Well that’s not a problem either because we have a fabulous gazebo and plenty of hot drinks that will be waiting for us at the end of the walk!