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Pay as You Feel Walks

These events are brought to you in association with The Real Junk Food Project. TRJFP was established in Leeds with the aim of challenging the way that the food industry in the UK works. They divert thousands of tonnes of perfectly edible, delicious and nutritious food that would otherwise end up in landfill as a result of supermarket purchasing practices. This food goes to feed hundreds of school children through the Fuel For Schools project as well as through an extensive network of Pay As You Feel Cafes around the city.

The idea for the PAYF walks came after a conversation I had with Adam Smith, the co-founder of TRJFP and began in May 2016. The idea behind these walks is to give everyone who wants it an introduction to the marvellous world of foraging. Making them pay as you feel means that those who can afford to pay more do, and those who can't, pay what they can afford, and together, we all have a wonderful walk!

The pay as you feel walks are a great introduction to wild food and herbalism. They will all run on the beautiful and bounteous grounds of Kirkstall Abbey during the monthly farmer’s markets.

On Saturdays you can come along and learn about how to identify common herbs that are in season and learn to treat yourself and your family for common ailments. 

On Sundays, I will be leading food walks so you can learn about the gastronomic delights that are in season, how to harvest, prepare and preserve them.

Each walk will finish with a delicious slice of my home made gluten free cake made (as closely as possible) out of 100% intercepted ingredients and incorporate some of the wild things in season at the time.

Please pick a date from the selection and order through the website to confirm your place. You only need to fill in the email & address fields when booking: even though the line is there you don't need to put in a credit card number. Then on the day please pay whatever you feel is appropriate.

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