I know that silly blog post titles are becoming a rather unfortunate habit of mine. There is a reason this time though. Honest! I was trying to think of a word that could convey the sheer number of mushrooms that seem to be growing at the moment and failed. So I made one up!



In the last week I have picked:


 Hen of The Woods


Orange Birch Boletes

Brown Birch boletes

Saffron Milk Caps

Parrot Waxcaps 

Horse Mushrooms 

Wood Blewits

Field Blewits

Amethyst Deceivers


Slippery Jacks

Common Puffballs

Jelly ears

Beefsteak Fungus

Charcoal Burners

Yellow Swamp Russulas 

Greencracked Brittlegills

Fairy Ring Champignon

Tawny Grisette

Snowy waxcaps

Blackening Waxcaps

Butter Waxcaps



Shaggy parasols



Shaggy inkcaps

Field Mushrooms

Honey Fungus

Bay Boletes





I have honestly never experienced anything like this. I have picked more mushrooms in the last 5 days than I have ever picked in such a short period of time. 




The weather has just been perfect for it. Lots of rain with dry spells and sunshine. For the first time ever, I do actually have more mushrooms than I can handle. My dehydrator has been working overtime to dry the boletes and I have been feasting on Mushrooms. From cream of Shaggy Ink Cap soup to ravioli with a creamy amethyst deciver and bay bolete sauce.

And it’s not just in Leeds that we’re seeing a bumper crop this year. Friends all over the country have commented on the insane number of mushrooms they’ve been picking and regaling us with jealousy-inspiring photos of baskets overflowing with funghi. So here are my brimming baskets:

Muhaimina Said-Allsopp