Spring cleaning

So this post is coming a little late my lovelies! But as I'm sure you've noticed the website has been exceedingly en-shiny-ed.

In the coming weeks the logistics will:

  • Translate the images from the old hoster and re-draft some of the blog posts
  • Add a gallery page for photos
  • Add some of the many and various bits of dried herbs, mushrooms and other foraged delights for sale to the shop
  • Add details of preserving courses and how they can be booked
  • Enable blog commenting, customer feedback and various other interactive bits and bobs that worked on the old website but we're still getting to grips with the new engine.

The database for the old website, including the comments will be shredded once we've transferred as much as we can to the new site. We're not going to leave it on a train or something silly like that!

There's still plenty of space for the taster walks this weekend (28th & 29th May) at Kirkstall Abbey. Taster walks are all pay-as-you-feel so are completely free to book through the website and after the event you pay what you are able and you feel the event was worth.