Peri Peri Wild!

Growing up on the Kenyan coast, seafood is something of a staple. Our house in Mombasa is on a road that’s the main thoroughfare to the beach. On Sundays, hundreds of people would walk past our house on their way to the silver sands. Young couples holding hands, children laughing and running before their mothers and fathers dressed in their Sunday best. And in the evening as the sun was setting you would see them walking home again. The sand-encrusted children plodding along behind tired but happy looking damp people.

And because it was near the beach, during the rest of the week it would be the fishermen who would trudge past. Carrying huge baskets on their head filled with seafood under a protective layer of grass. I have very clear childhood memories of my mother being called to the gate to buy fish. And if they had good prawns, those lovely big king prawns, then this is how she would cook them, with chillies, ginger and garlic. Simply, quickly, deliciously. This recipe gives a wild twist to the amazing peri peri prawns. Hope you like it!


Prawns Peri Peri with St Georges & Wild Garlic

10 Wild Garlic Flowers with their stems
1 inch piece of Ginger Root
1 red chilli
Olive oil
10 St George’s mushrooms
300g Raw King Prawns
1tbsp Coriander leaves, roughly ripped apart with your hands

Whizz the garlic, ginger and chilli with enough olive oil to make a smooth, oily paste. Slice the mushrooms. Put your wild garlic paste into a large frying pan with the mushrooms and prawns. Cook until the mushrooms are soft and have exuded all their liquid chuck on your coriander, stir through till fragrant and serve. I’m eating mine tonight with some buttery toast and some fried eggs to try and diminish my egg mountain!